Nickel City Dance caters to adult and teen dancers in WNY looking for open, or drop-in dance classes. We offer a variety of drop-in dance and fitness classes year round, for beginner to advanced level dancers. There is no year end performance, registration fees, or contracts. Our drop-in classes are open, simply show up and take the classes you want, there’s no need to pre-register. We also offer specialty Workshops and Master Classes in various styles throughout the year. We welcome dance instructors, studio owners, and dancers from other area studios to come take class with us. We look forward to sharing our love of movement and dance with you and hope to seeing you on the dance floor soon!

~Amanda Watson, Owner & Director


Nickel City Dance is not only a place to have fun and sweat it out, it offers great instruction, too! As a graduate of one of the top dance schools in the US and a former resident of New York City, I’ve received and sought top notch classes. I was nervous about finding a respectable studio in Buffalo when I moved. Luckily I found a new dance home at NCD. The classes are great and offer a variety of skill level and choreography. Each week I meet new faces and get the chance to do what I love.
Kait K.
Amanda, and Nickel City Dance and Fitness, have brought a wonderful opportunity for adult dancers to keep up with / get back into dance and fitness, and those who are newly interested a chance to give it a try! I have been taking classes for over 6 months and love it!! I have relearned so much and learned so many new things as well. My time at Nickel city has really boosted my confidence as a dancer. Amanda and the other staff provide a wonderful, happy, inviting atmosphere and I have, and will continue to, recommend the studio to family, friends, and anyone interested in giving dance a try!
Alicia S.
I really enjoy classes at Nickel City. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. It is a place you can go and feel very comfortable learning to dance as an adult. I’ve been to several dance studios in the area and would recommend this one first to anyone.
Laura W.
Thanks so much for tap tonight! I love dancing and exercising at Nickel City! It’s refreshing to have a knowledgeable instructor who loves what she does, challenges her clients, and is so welcoming. Every single class is not only fun but effective. I’m working out and having fun at the same time!
Michelle D.
Love love love Nickel City Dance! Beautiful studio space, friendly and talented instructors, plus a huge variety of classes to choose from. I have really enjoyed dropping in for hip hop, modern and contemporary…so fun!
Ann O.
As someone who is working to try to get back in shape, but absolutely HATES going to the gym, I’ve had a hard time finding activities that I’ll stick with. When I think back to when I was in the best shape of my life, it was when I was younger and I was dancing. I had so much fun dancing and loved every minute of it. I was so excited to find Nickel City Dance and Fitness because it gave me the opportunity to sign up for adult dance classes that work with my schedule. It’s such a relaxed and fun atmosphere too, which is something that you don’t always find with dance studios. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to find a place like this where I can go and have a great time and have the bonus factor of fitting activity into my life!
Amy E.
After dancing for 15 years and then stopping for 5 it feels amazing to get back in the studio and tap again! The teachers are awesome and the combinations are always so fun!!
Jacquie K.
I always look forward to my Tues and Sat dance/fitness classes!! Amanda is wonderful instructor and is always making sure our form is good to reduce strains. She has a great teaching staff that I love to learn from!! Thanks for making dance and fitness fun!!
Annette S.
I absolutely love coming here every week. Everyone who works or goes here is nice and supportive during class, which made me feel so much more comfortable when I first started going a year ago. They have a variety of classes and levels so there is something for everyone no matter your level of experience!
Ashley R.
Amanda has created a professional space of impeccable quality. No detail has been left neglected. On top of that, the programming of the studio is varied, top-notch, and continues to evolve in response to the community. I can’t wait to see what comes next!
Ellen S.
I love dancing at NCD! All the teachers are great and every class we learn something new. It’s a family-like atmosphere and you leave feeling happy and refreshed after each class. Would definitely recommend this studio to all ages and all levels. This studio is truly a blessing!
Vilona T.
“After half a lifetime away from ballet, Nickel City Dance has been the perfect place for me to return to it. Somehow, my 36 year old body and brain remember all the movements and language of ballet that my 18 year old self left behind so many years ago. Amanda provides a welcoming environment where it is totally OK that things have not stayed exactly in the same place in body and mind, allows us to accept where we are, helps push us a little bit more every week, and gives us a space to just…dance! I’ve been attending classes for about a year and a half, and the 90 minutes I spend at the studio on Saturday mornings are always the best part of every week for me. I am so grateful that there is a place like this in Buffalo :)”
Sara E.