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Don’t worry if your turnout isn’t what it used to be, or if your knees can’t handle grand plies and tons of jumps any longer. Our ballet classes are programmed for the adult dancer with a focus on proper posture, placement, and alignment so you can safely enjoy ballet. Class will include a warm-up, ballet barre exercises, and stretching. Ballet slippers or jazz shoes recommended for class. If you do not have a ballet barre at home please use a chair back or counter top.


Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best. One of the important elements used in the PBT method is muscle memory which helps to improve students’ understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment. Each exercise in the PBT program has been developed with care and guidance by Marie Walton-Mahon along with a team of physiotherapists. Amanda Watson is certified in PBT Junior, Senior & Advanced Programs. Student will need a yoga mat, exercise ball, and fusion ball/pilates soft ball in order to perform exercises (information on where to find these items can be found at pbt.dance/en/equipment).
For more information on the PBT program visit: pbt.dance/home/about



The idea of this class is to relax, have fun, and feel confident and sexy.  From hip and shoulder rolls to booty drops and some footwork, this class will let you be sassy and give your inner diva the opportunity to shine. This 30min class will start with easy to follow burlesque inspired dance moves, toning exercises for the abs, booty, hips and thighs, and stretching.   Looking for a fun Girl’s Night or Bachelorette Party activity? Contact us about private Burlesque parties for your group! We can come to your venue and teach a burlesque styled dance to your group!



Class includes a warm up and skill building drills and culminates with a short piece of choreography. We will explore a variety of tap styles, from Rhythm to Broadway tap. Please make sure you are tapping on an appropriate surface – there are many inexpensive, easy to store tap boards for purchase online! 




Basic Beginner – 0-6 months training. No prior knowledge of dance terminology necessary. Basic Beginner classes focus on fundamental steps and concepts that will be built upon in higher levels. Beginner classes are great for teens and adults that have never danced before, and “comeback” dancers who haven’t danced in a long time. Attending classes regularly will help improve your strength and endurance and help you move up to higher levels. Beginner classes are currently being offered as Workshops or scheduled by appointment only as individual or group sessions. Please visit the Group Session and Workshop pages for more information.

Advanced Beginner – 6 months-3 years of training. A basic understanding of discipline and general dance terminology.

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate – Minimum of 2.5 years of training. A basic understanding of discipline and general dance terminology. Adv Beg/Int classes cater to both levels. For example, if a turn sequence is used in a piece of choreography students will be given the option to perform a balance, a single turn, or multiple turns.

Intermediate – 3-8 years of training. A basic understanding of discipline and general dance terminology. Intermediate classes are perfect for “comeback” dancers who haven’t dance in a few years but still remember basic steps and concepts, and for those with dance experience wanting to try something new. (Please note, those new to Tap dance should start in our Basic Beginner classes even if you have Intermediate level experience in other dance forms.)

Advanced – 8+ years of training. Complete understanding and proficiency in general dance terminology. This class is geared towards former dancers, and dance instructors looking to expand their knowledge and be a student again.