Don’t worry if your turnout isn’t what it used to be, or if your knees can’t handle grand plies and tons of jumps any longer. Our ballet classes are programmed for the adult dancer with a focus on proper posture, placement, and alignment so you can safely enjoy ballet. Ballet slippers or jazz shoes required for class. Our Saturday morning Ballet is 90 minutes long and includes 60 minutes of Barre work and stretching followed by 30 minutes of center floor work (adagio, across the floor combinations and turns, and some petite and grand allegro).
(Levels Offered: Basic Beginner Ballet Workshops; Beyond Basic Beginner Ballet; Advanced Beginner Ballet; Intermediate Ballet)


Learn the basics in social dance for upcoming parties, weddings, or a Caribbean vacation! Class may cover: the Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Cha Cha, or Swing. Kippy is a former United States and North American Latin Ballroom Champion and represented America in the World Latin Dance Championships held in Germany! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring shoes to change into for class (no outside shoe may be worn inside the studio).

Instructor: Phyllis “Kippy” Ralabate
All Levels – No Dance Experience Needed!
Forming Sessions for the Winter! Private Lessons Available! 


The idea of this class is to relax, have fun, and feel confident and sexy.  From hip and shoulder rolls to booty drops and some footwork, this class will let you be sassy and give your inner diva the opportunity to shine.  Shoes are optional (bare feet, ballet/jazz slippers, character shoes. No heels worn outdoors please). Looking for a fun Girl’s Night or Bachelorette Party activity? Contact us about private Burlesque parties for your group!
(Levels Offered: All Levels)


Contemporary ballet is a genre of dance that incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance. Class will include traditional ballet technique work as well as expressive movement through learned choreography. Please wear ballet slippers to class.


This class explores expressive movement through learned choreography.  Contemporary dance can range from very slow to very fast and use a variety of music types.  The style can be described as a combination of modern, jazz, and ballet techniques.  Who knows, you might even see some hip-hop moves thrown in!  Class will include a warm-up followed by a brief piece of choreography that will be thoroughly taught before dancers are let loose to perform for themselves at the end of class.  Bare feet or “Dance Paws” are recommended for class.
(Levels Offered: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced)


A vigorous free style form of dance that stems from Jazz dance but includes modern urban movements.  Sneakers/Jazz Sneakers should be worn for class.


A rhythmic, stylized form of dancing which includes isolations, leaps, jumps and turns.  Many different forms of jazz dance will be explored in class from Classical and Theatrical Jazz, to Contemporary Jazz, and Jazz with a Hip Hop flair.  Jazz shoes/Jazz sneakers, or ballet slippers required.  This class may include floor work so you may wish to wear or bring pants that cover the knees.
(Levels Offered: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate)


Modern combines stretching and strengthening to lengthen a dancer’s muscles and body.  Extensive center warm-up and across floor material are taught.  Core strength is developed to facilitate execution of skills and follows the style of Horton, Dunham and Limon.  Bare feet or “Dancer Paws” are recommended for class.


A rhythmic form of dance.  Class includes center warm up and skill building drills across the floor, culminating in a short piece of choreography. We will explore a variety of tap styles, from Rhythm to Broadway. Tap shoes required. *Please check your taps before class and tighten/replace loose screws! Loose screws and taps in need of replacement damage the dance floor creating pits and scuff marks.
(Levels Offered: Basic Beginner Tap Workshops; Beyond Basic Beginner Tap; Advanced Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced)


This class is a technique class that is dedicating to learning, improving, and perfecting technique in jumps, kicks, turns, etc.  Stretch and strengthening is also combined to improve dancers’ placement, posture, balance and power.  Dancers may wear whatever they feel most comfortable turning/leaping in (bare feet, jazz shoes, hip hop sneakers, Dance Paws etc.).


Basic Beginner – 0-6 months training. No prior knowledge of dance terminology necessary. Basic Beginner classes focus on fundamental steps and concepts that will be built upon in higher levels. Beginner classes are great for teens and adults that have never danced before, and “comeback” dancers who haven’t danced in a long time. Attending classes regularly will help improve your strength and endurance and help you move up to higher levels. Beginner classes are currently being offered as Workshops or scheduled by appointment only as individual or group sessions. Please visit the Group Session and Workshop pages for more information.

Beyond Basic Beginner – This is an ‘in-between” class for our Basic Beginner Workshop attendees who want to continue slowly fine tuning their technique before participating in our Advanced Beginner level classes. Class is open to students with a minimum of 6-8mo prior experience.

Advanced Beginner – 6 months-3 years of training. A basic understanding of discipline and general dance terminology.

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate – Minimum of 2.5 years of training. A basic understanding of discipline and general dance terminology. Adv Beg/Int classes cater to both levels. For example, if a turn sequence is used in a piece of choreography students will be given the option to perform a balance, a single turn, or multiple turns.

Intermediate – 3-8 years of training. A basic understanding of discipline and general dance terminology. Intermediate classes are perfect for “comeback” dancers who haven’t dance in a few years but still remember basic steps and concepts, and for those with dance experience wanting to try something new. (Please note, those new to Tap dance should start in our Basic Beginner classes even if you have Intermediate level experience in other dance forms.)

Advanced – 8+ years of training. Complete understanding and proficiency in general dance terminology. This class is geared towards former dancers, and dance instructors looking to expand their knowledge and be a student again.

Advanced Tap – Students taking this class should be able to execute steps like pick-ups, stamp turns, Maxie Ford turns etc. These skills will be fine tuned and practiced, but the participant should have previous experience with them.

Advanced Jazz – Students should be able to perform basic jazz jumps and turns, stag leaps, chaine turns, calypso jumps etc. These skills will be fine tuned and practiced, but the participant should have previous experience with them.