This class is a combination of the Lotte Berk Method, Pilates, Ballet, and Ballet Floor Barre technique that will improve your overall strength, coordination, and posture. Exercises performed challenge your muscles to work together in harmony, weaker muscles will become stronger and your dominate muscles will become more proportionate. You will develop long, lean muscles and increase your flexibility. This class is appropriate for ALL fitness levels and you do not need to have dance experience. Bare feet, socks, or ballet/jazz shoes recommended for class. Many exercises will be performed lying/sitting on the floor and we highly recommend bringing a mat. We will also utilize Therabands and sponge balls which will be provided.


Build lean muscles and blast body fat in one workout! This class will include a choreographed warm-up (very easy to follow – no dance experience needed!) followed by circuit training where we will strengthen and tone the entire body. Because we will be utilizing many compound moves (working multiple muscle groups at once) you will also improve your cardiorespiratory health and endurance, blasting calories and body fat. We will end class with relaxing stretches to cool down and lengthen your muscles.

We recommend wearing comfortable, breathable fitness clothes and sneakers. You may wish to bring a towel and water, and expect to get a little sweaty! Class is appropriate for all fitness levels, and modifications will be given. If you have a pair of dumbbells (2-10lbs) please bring them to class. A yoga mat is also recommended. We do have a few extra sets of dumbbells available for use. Resistance Bands and gliders will be provided if needed. 


Based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, this mat based class will strengthen and stretch your entire body. You will develop a h2 core (abdominals, hips, legs, gluteals and back) while also improving strength in your upper body with the use of resistance bands. This class is appropriate for ALL levels and modifications will be given. Please bring a yoga mat to class.


PiYo is Pilates + Yoga + Nonstop movement. You will sweat, stretch, and strengthen, all in one class. It combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates, with the strength and flexibility benefits of Yoga. Because you are always in motion, you will burn crazy calories, and because the class is low impact (no jumping, no weights) it it appropriate and scaleable to ALL fitness levels! Please weare comfortable, breathable/sweat wicking athletic clothing. You have the option to participate barefoot or in athletic sneakers (please be sure to bring a clean pair to change into!). You will need a Yoga mat, and we HIGHLY recommend bringing a towel and WATER.

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Open to ALL levels of fitness, this class will increase your balance, agility, strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning. Class will combine many of the different yoga styles and basic postures to allow your body to feel more energized and balanced. All exercises will be scaled and modified to suit the individual student and ability levels. Wear comfortable clothes and bare feet (or socks if preferred). A yoga mat and towel are recommended but not necessary.